ControlPlane 1.0.1 Released

ControlPlane 1.0.1 has been released.  This release adds:

  • Ability to enable/disable growl notifications
  • Updated usb-vendor/oui data
  • Fixes some misspellings in help
  • Direct link from main menu to discussion group
ControlPlane 1.0.1 is available here or by choosing Check for Updates from the main menu.

ControlPlane 1.0.0

Now available for download is ControlPlane 1.0.0.  ControlPlane 1.0.0 is based on MarcoPolo 2.5.1 and fixes a couple of known issues, particularly with the WiFi evidence source.  In this release, the bluetooth evidence source is disabled due to stability issues.  This release will use an existing MarcoPolo configuration.

Using a number of configurable evidence sources, rules and actions you can reconfigure your Mac based on what you are doing, where you are at or the time of day.  Set the office printer as your default printer while at work or start a set of apps once you’re home.

ControlPlane runs in your menu bar.  Help can be found from ControlPlane’s menu.

Known issues: If you create any WiFi evidence rules under Snow Leopard they will not be compatible with Lion.  Simply recreate them after upgrading to Lion.

ControlPlane 1.0.0 is available here.