ControlPlane 1.0.4 Released!

ControlPlane 1.0.4 has been released.  You can get it via the “Check for Updates” menu or directly from here.  Major new features in ControlPlane include a sleep/wake evidence source and the start of AppleScript support.  The IP Evidence Source has been made more robust as well.

Ticketing system removed

I’ve removed the ticketing system hosted here on this site because it was killing my server.  I have a rather limited cloud server and chiliproject’s requirements are just too much.  Ticketing will be handled at github instead.  Ticketing is located at

ControlPlane needs your help!

I have made some changes to the General Preferences section of ControlPlane that need translation work and I’m looking for help. If you are github+Xcode savvy and wish to help out please head on over github – – and fork the project. When finished translating, commit your work and Read more…

ControlPlane 1.0.2 Released

Changes from version 1.0.1 include: Unmount disk action is fixed, report any issues you find VPNAction now supports Cisco VPN Type ToggleWiFi Action is fixed thanks to user contribution! Updated Credits Updated documentation Updates OUI databases Many thanks to Shyru for contributing a fix for the ToggleWifi Action! You can Read more…