ControlPlane 1.0.6 Released!

This is the largest release of ControlPlane yet!  A lot of new actions were added along with a number of code improvements.  ControlPlane now uses less memory and includes the following new actions:

  • Speak text
  • Frequency of mail checking
  • Start Time Machine backup
  • Lock/Unlock keychain
  • Change display brightness
  • Play iTunes playlist
  • Change default browser
  • Open URL
  • Enable/Disable Time Machine

The toggle Time Machine action requires a helper tool in order to function and you will be asked the first time the action is used to install the helper tool.  Simply click install and enter your password.

You can install the latest version of ControlPlane by choosing “Check for Updates” from ControlPlane’s menu or by downloading it directly from here. Big thanks again to David Jennes for all of his hard work.  ControlPlane has progress much faster with his help than if I was doing it alone.

ControlPlane 1.0.5 Released!

ControlPlane 1.0.5 is a big maintenance release that mostly brings ControlPlane up to speed with some of the latest technologies available in Snow Leopard and Lion. Because of these changes it is possible that some bugs were introduced into actions you’re currently using, please report any bugs immediately at A big thanks to David Jennes for all the hard work put into ControlPlane.

Changes in ControlPlane 1.0.5 include:

  • A large number of under the hood changes that allow ControlPlane to be more robust.
  • Preference file has been migrated to proper identifier.
  • Icon was modified to be easier to see on dark backgrounds
You can download ControlPlane 1.0.5 here.  Existing users can upgrade by choosing the “Check for Updates” menu item.