ControlPlane 1.1 coming soon

I’m finishing up the final details on ControlPlane 1.1.  Here’s what you can expect from 1.1:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix empty IP rule description field.
  • A preferences icon has been replaced with the ControlPlane logo.
  • Fix issue that caused the Bluetooth evidence source to cause a mac to immediately wake from sleep.

New Features:

  • ControlPlane can now send crash logs directly to ControlPlane developers.
  • New display sleep power management action.
  • ControlPlane will now change the display brightness on connected monitors that support it, such as Apple’s Cinema Display.
  • ShellScript evidence source allows users to write their own scripts to be used as evidence sources. Refer to for more information.


  • The bluetooth evidence source has been split into two distinct evidence sources, one for paired devices (Bluetooth) and for bluetooth scanning (BluetoothScanner). If you have existing bluetooth rules you will need to rebuild any that don’t belong to paired devices.
  • Upgraded growl SDK to 1.3.1.
Want to try the latest version right now?  Download the nightly build at and provide feedback at

Hello visitors!

Really excited to see ControlPlane featured on and happy to see the influx of new ControlPlane users!

If you have suggestions, feature requests for ControlPlane or you find a bug please post about it at rather than a comment here on the blog.  This saves me the trouble of having to transfer your request to github.

The wiki at also contains information about how to get the most out of ControlPlane as well as scripts you can use to extend its capabilities.  You can find it at