Another day, another ControlPlane release

I wish I could say I was burning through version numbers because of an incredible number of new features but the reality is I’m still trying to eliminate a bug causing ControlPlane to crash under certain circumstances.  Although the issue is affecting a small number of ControlPlane users my goal is to provide users with a great utility that is stable.

Thanks again to David Jennes for his work on ControlPlane and assistance in dealing with ControlPlane stability issues.  If you’re interested in helping out with ControlPlane head on over to ControlPlane’s github page at and submit an issue, fork the code or edit the wiki!

As usual, you can download the latest version of ControlPlane right here or by choosing Check for Updates in ControlPlane’s main menu.

ControlPlane crashes are being looked into

It isn’t happening to the majority of users, but ControlPlane is having some stability issues that the ControlPlane development team is continuing to look into.  If you’ve been affected by random crashes in ControlPlane please help us out by going to the forums and posting details about your configuration.  I’m interesting in hearing about what evidence sources you are using, the number of rules you have and when was happening when the crash occurred.

The ControlPlane forums are located at!forum/controlplane-support

ControlPlane 1.1.1 Released

ControlPlane 1.1.1 is a maintenance release that fixes an issue with the bluetooth evidence source that prevented it from finding discoverable bluetooth devices as well as the most commonly reported crashes.

You can download the latest version at or if you are already running ControlPlane simply pick the Check for Updates option in ControlPlane’s menu.

ControlPlane 1.1.0 Released

ControlPlane 1.1.0 has been released, here is what’s new.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix empty IP rule description field
  • A preferences icon has been replaced with the ControlPlane logo
  • Fix issue that caused the Bluetooth evidence source to cause a mac to immediately wake from sleep

New Features:

  • ControlPlane can now send crash logs directly to ControlPlane developers
  • European Portuguese (pt-PT) localization
  • New display sleep power management action
  • ControlPlane will now change the display brightness on connected monitors that support it, such as Apple’s Cinema Display
  • ShellScript evidence source allows users to write their own scripts to be used as evidence sources. Refer to for more information


  • Update Growl SDK to 1.3.1