ControlPlane and OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

I’ve gotten a couple of reports now that ControlPlane isn’t fully working under OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  This is to be expect for a couple of reasons.

First, ControlPlane uses some private APIs for some actions.  It is well known that using private APIs is not a recommended thing to do and they can be unstable or simply change without any warning. Using private APIs greatly increases the usefulness of ControlPlane so I will continue to do so where ever necessary but this does mean things can break during OS upgrades

Second, I don’t have access to Mountain Lion at this time.  As a non-paying Apple developer I don’t have access to the developer preview and thus I’m unable to test how ControlPlane will behave on Mountain Lion.

Using ControlPlane on Mountain Lion is, at this time, untested and will remain so until I’m able to get access to Mountain Lion.  You’re free to run ControlPlane on Mountain Lion, but expect bugs to crop up.

ControlPlane 1.1.7 Released

ControlPlane 1.1.7 is now available and it’s main focus is dealing with crashes involving the menu bar icon. If you are hiding the menu bar icon there was a higher chance of it causing ControlPlane to crash, I hope that I’ve finally squashed the bug. However, if you still have ControlPlane crashes and you have chosen to hide the icon please get into contact with me so I can continue to diagnose the issue. This release contains some extra logging statements related to the menu bar icon and I’d like to retrieve if possible.

As usual you can get the latest release by clicking on the DOWNLOAD link shown above or by simply picking Check for Updates on the ControlPlane menu.

Increase in ControlPlane crashes

I’m seeing a definite increase in crashes within ControlPlane related to the menu bar icon. This is an issue that has day one and I can’t track it down. If you are seeing ControlPlane crashes please get me any information you can about your setup. I’m particularly interested in if you are hiding the icon and if not hiding the icon will fix the issue for you. If you have information to share do so at

Tedium is now available!

Tedium has been released and you can find it on its own site at Tedium allows you to configure a number of Time Machine backup destinations and when combined with ControlPlane, switch them automatically. To use ControlPlane with Tedium you will also need to install the latest version of ControlPlane which is as simple is choosing the Check for Updates menu option.