ControlPlane, Mountain Lion and crashes

I’ve been getting some crash reports from ControlPlane running on Mountain Lion.  Appears to be something with Accessibility support.  Since I don’t have a paid Apple dev account I don’t have access to Mountain Lion and associated dev tools I’m unable to dig into the issue right now.  Of course, you can always consider supporting my beer fund by following this link :).

ControlPlane 1.2.3 released

I’ve put out the 1.2.3 release of ControlPlane to resolve some major issues I found with the Bonjour evidence source.  The Bonjour evidence source should no longer leak memory, be even quicker and more reliable than before.

I also found an issue with the Attached Monitor evidence source that could cause ControlPlane to crash if it was unable to lookup the name of your monitor.

As usual you can get the latest version of ControlPlane via the check for updates menu item or by clicking the DOWNLOAD link located above.

ControlPlane 1.2.1 released!

ControlPlane 1.2.1 has been released with the following improvements:

  • Toggle Bluetooth action be more reliable, especially after system wake
  • Core Location based evidence source should be more reliable
  • Toggle Natural Scrolling action now available for Lion users

As usual, you can get the latest version of ControlPlane by clicking the DOWNLOAD link located above or if you already have ControlPlane you can simply choose the Check for updates menu item.