ControlPlane 1.3.2 beta now available, Snow Leopard support dropped

Latest beta version brings back support for Lion (10.7) as well as support for the setting your status in iChat and Messages.  If you had an iChat status action configured under Lion, that same action will now work with the Messages app in Mountain Lion. You can get the latest beta by clicking here or if you are already running a beta you can simply choose Check for updates from the menu.

This should be the last beta release of the ControlPlane 1.3.x series and a non-beta version will be released soon.

Support for Snow Leopard has been removed from the 1.3.x series.  If you are running Snow Leopard (10.6) and wish to use ControlPlane you can download the latest version here.

ControlPlane 1.3.1 beta with support for Notification Center

Got a feature request to add Notification Center support.  I had skipped it assuming it required being sold through the App Store but turns out I was wrong.  This release will use Notification center if available and fall back to Growl if not.  You can get the new beta here or if you are already running the 1.3.0 you can simply choose “Check for updates” from ControlPlane’s menu.

ControlPlane 1.3.0 beta available for Mountain Lion

This is a beta release intended for Mountain Lion users and hasn’t been extensively tested on Lion.  It is code signed so you can install it on Mountain Lion without needing to drop your Gatekeeper security setting down below “Mac App Store and identified developers.”.

Remember that this is a beta release and there will probably be issues with it. Please report any issues that you find to controlplane at

You can download the beta by clicking here