ControlPlane 1.4.0 beta build 50 now available

I’ve made available a new build of 1.4.0 beta. This build supports 10.7 through 10.8+. I’m most interested in hearing from people who are running 10.7 or greater than 10.8. There are a few notable things about this build:

  • VPN Action is missing, hopefully it can come back but some versions of OS X have don’t have support for it as it is currently coded.
  • You can only start the screensaver on demand, you cannot end it.
  • Window sizes should be remembered.
You can download the 1.4.0 beta at or if you are already running the beta by simply selecting Check for Updates from ControlPlane’s menu.

ControlPlane 1.4.0 beta available

I’m making a beta version of 1.4.0 available in order to get a larger number of people testing it.  This release has a lot of small updates that go along way towards making ControlPlane better than ever. Some of the changes include:

  • You can now see which rules are active
  • You can pick a custom icon color for each context
  • Improved IP Address evidence source that now understands IPv6!
  • Modernized code improving performance and memory consumption
  • Improved action set scheduling and execution
  • Many other code improvements

Some of the changes will most likely affect how you are used to ControlPlane operating.  Please report any undesired behavior to the Google group at

You can download the beta at