ControlPlane 1.0.3 is alive and well, I’m just working on some localization and having some trouble getting the German translations to work.

Here’s what you can expect in 1.0.3

  • Return of the bluetooth evidence source.  Bluetooth evidence source will periodically scan for nearby bluetooth devices as well as respond when a new bluetooth device has associated itself with your Mac.  I have been using this for over two weeks and it appears to be working well.
  • Improved WiFi evidence source.  I introduced an issue while fixing the WiFi evidence source that can cause connectivity issues because of the constant scanning.  I’ve fixed it to act more like how the WiFi evidence source was working on MarcoPolo, it only scans if not associated to a WiFi network unless you specifically override this in the advanced preferences section.
  • Ability to toggle within the ControlPlane preferences if ControlPlane starts at login or not
  • Ability to toggle between showing the ControlPlane icon, current context or both in the menu bar
  • Added menu option for supporting ControlPlane
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