ControlPlane is an important app for a large number of people, including myself. I still use ControlPlane on a daily basis but my usage of it is quite limited compared to what others have done with it. The bugs and issues present don’t affect my daily use but it certainly does for others.

However, as many ControlPlane users are aware, ControlPlane has some issues. There are numerous bugs and issues with the latest operating system versions. As each version of OS X/macOS is released more and more items that were “within reach” for ControlPlane are blocked off or changed. This has lead to a number of evidence sources and actions that no longer work as expected or at all. High Sierra has only added to the list of broken evidence sources and actions.

On top of this, I’ve personally had a number of changes in recent years. A growing family, a move and a change of jobs has meant I don’t have the time I once had to tinker with what was always a side project. As of right now, my Apple developer account has lapsed and my signing certificate has expired. This means I’m no longer able to create new versions of ControlPlane because a signed app is required for a number of actions that ControlPlane performs. Without it, ControlPlane is even less useful.

This project is in need of assistance. Without assistance from the community I don’t know if ControlPlane can live on. I want to see ControlPlane succeed but I need help. If you are able and willing please head over to Review the issues, review the code, submit issues and pull requests. I will happily coordinate the effort, renew my Apple Developer account and issue new releases.

I thank everyone who has supported ControlPlane in the past by submitting code or donating money. Your support has kept ControlPlane going this long as well as cover server expenses.

Thank you !

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Dustin Rue

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