I’ve gotten a number of reports about issues with ControlPlane and macOS Sierra and I want people to know that I’m aware of the issues and I’m working on them a bit.

Number one issue relates to toggling of the screensaver password. The last two versions of OS X/macOS have effectively disabled ControlPlane’s ability to interact with the screensaver password system. This is actually a good thing because Apple continues to improve the security of macOS and ControlPlane really shouldn’t be able to enable, and especially disable, the password settings.

For that reason, a future version of ControlPlane will remove the screensaver password action and other actions that no longer work on macOS Sierra because of various security updates within the OS. I know some people use ControlPlane specifically for that feature but at this point ControlPlane can’t continue to say it can do it when it in fact cannot.

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