I’ve gotten a couple of reports now that ControlPlane isn’t fully working under OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  This is to be expect for a couple of reasons.

First, ControlPlane uses some private APIs for some actions.  It is well known that using private APIs is not a recommended thing to do and they can be unstable or simply change without any warning. Using private APIs greatly increases the usefulness of ControlPlane so I will continue to do so where ever necessary but this does mean things can break during OS upgrades

Second, I don’t have access to Mountain Lion at this time.  As a non-paying Apple developer I don’t have access to the developer preview and thus I’m unable to test how ControlPlane will behave on Mountain Lion.

Using ControlPlane on Mountain Lion is, at this time, untested and will remain so until I’m able to get access to Mountain Lion.  You’re free to run ControlPlane on Mountain Lion, but expect bugs to crop up.

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