ControlPlane 1.5.0 introduces a often requested feature, negative rules. With negative rules you can have a rule match when the conditions are NOT met. This makes it very easy to create a rule to perform an action something is not present, like when your mouse is not connected or you are not on your home network.

ControlPlane 1.5.0 also introduces the concept of multiple active contexts as an advanced option. You will be asked if you’d like to enable it the first time ControlPlane is run.

The last big new feature to announce is the Active Context Evidence Source. This evidence source allows you to create rules and actions based on what other contexts are active.

ControlPlane makes your Mac context aware allowing you to perform tasks, start applications or change settings based on what you are doing or where you are located.  Download the latest version of ControlPlane or if you are already a ControlPlane user simply choose “Check for Updates…” from ControlPlane’s menu.

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