A common feature request for ControlPlane has been changing time machine destinations.  I’ve avoided adding this feature for some time because I felt it was a bit beyond the scope of ControlPlane.  Such a feature would really require its own configuration and could honestly be a stand alone app.

Well today I am pleased to announce that the next version of ControlPlane will finally be able to change Time Machine backup destinations by utilizing a new application called Tedium.  Tedium, a loose play Time Machine Destination Manager, will also be released soon.

Tedium is a stand alone application that works independently of ControlPlane.  As a standalone app you are able to configure multiple Time Machine backup destinations and then either using the Tedium interface itself or AppleScript change destinations at will.  ControlPlane can be used to automate this process.

ControlPlane 1.1.6 and Tedium 1.0 will both be released early next week.

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Dustin Rue

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jason · January 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Looking forward to the Time Machine Switcher!

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